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Smart Buildings


The main energy consumption in buildings is produced by lighting, air conditioning and equipment. An efficient use of the installed elements translates into an important economic savings. INELCOM's building control systems allow a complete remote-management of the facilities via the creation of different rules of action on the elements that make up the system.

  • System characteristics
    • Centralized control of buildings.
    • Measurement of consumption.
    • Remote control of the lighting and of the air conditioning and ACS system of the building.
    • Definition of rules of action on the elements that are configured in the system: air conditioners, lighting, sirens, etc.
    • Rules based on temporary conditions (periods of validity, time slots, days of the week, months of the year) and logical conditions (states of other elements of the system).
    • Ability to configure savings policies.
    • Integration with the security system and access control.
    • Equipment with different features and capabilities, adapted to the customer's needs to find the optimal solution according to the characteristics of the building.
  • Benefits
    • Detailed measurement of electrical consumption (verification of compliance with savings objectives, detection of possible deviations, identification of new optimization opportunities).
    • Savings in lighting consumption between 20% and 30%, avoiding unwanted situations (lights on when there is no one, lights on when sunlight does not make them necessary, etc).
    • Savings of between 15% and 25% in consumption in air conditioning through the application of conditional rules and savings policies.
    • Real-time monitoring of temperatures and humidity.

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We are specialists in turnkey projects with more than forty years of experience in the electronic equipment and systems market. We provide our customers with a comprehensive service that includes the design, manufacture, installation, maintenance and operation of equipment and systems, always with the objective of protecting their investment.


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