Occupational Safety and Health Policy


The Company Management, aware that the activity it develops may cause damage to the Health and Safety of Workers and third parties who may remain in the facilities, has determined the implementation of a Safety and Health Management System in the Work integrated in its activity, according to the following principles:

These principles, which will be disseminated throughout the organization, will serve as a frame of reference and guide for the determination of the objectives, which, on an annual basis, will be established in accordance with criteria of continuous improvement, to ensure that the policy of the entity, thanks to the effort and collaboration of all workers and managers and the support of the management team of the entity.

This Policy is available to all interested parties, and it has been communicated to all people working in the organization with the purpose of making them aware of the commitments made by the organization and their individual obligations in terms of Security. and Health at Work


In Madrid, on January 20, 2020