Information Security Policy


INELCOM Ingeniería Electrónica Comercial S.A. is a technology company with a strong commitment to its customers, offering innovative and quality solutions, seeking to improve competitiveness, efficiency and quality of services.

The INELCOM Management Committee considers the human resources, information, technologies and material resources that support them as fundamental assets, which is why ensuring their safety is considered an essential good in INELCOM's strategy and an essential enabler of the activity of the organization.

By approving this Policy, the Management Committee expresses its determination and commitment to achieve a level of security appropriate to the business needs that guarantees the protection of assets in a homogeneous manner in all areas of INELCOM.

The Steering Committee entrusts this task to the Security Committee, as an integral security body committed to the protection of INELCOM's assets, and entrusts it with the effective and efficient management of physical security and protection of goods and people, the security of information and business continuity, as well as any other action that can contribute significantly to that end.

The security activities developed by the different areas, responsible for assets and employees will be governed by the principles of legality, efficiency, co-responsibility, cooperation and coordination, for which impulse, conduction, control and improvement will establish the appropriate mechanisms.

INELCOM, for the fulfillment of its mission, vision, strategic objectives and attached to its corporate values, establishes the function of Information Security in the Entity, with the aim of

The Management, through the Information Security Policy, ensures its commitment in the development and implementation of the Information Security Management System of the Company.