Ethical Code


The INELCOM Code of Ethics contains the attributes that allow it to achieve its Mission in the Market, "... be a technology company with a strong commitment to its customers, offering innovative and quality solutions, seeking to improve competitiveness, efficiency and quality of services ... ", in an environment defined by its values" ... honesty, professionalism, perseverance and, most importantly, respect .... ".

our commitment:

1 Honesty: we fulfill our commitments with our clients, suppliers and ourselves. Therefore, one of our principles is to prioritize customer satisfaction, both external and internal.

2 Professionalism: we emphasize that each person is directly responsible for the quality of their work. The good reputation and excellence in the quality of our products is the basis of our business activity and the future guarantee for INELCOM.

3 Perseverance:continuous improvement in the quality of products, processes, services and procedures is our constant attitude, and leads to long-term profitability. We analyze cause and effect relationships to achieve continuous improvements, being aware that the improvements are only achievable with effort, adaptation to changes, and solving problems that arise continuously.

4 Respect:we value the work of others as much as we do our own and we focus our efforts to the prevention of errors, instead of their control and correction. We stimulate an open and creative environment where constructive criticism encourages improvement.

These values characterize everything we do and are the foundation of our operations.

Under these premises INELCOM has assumed, in addition to the commitment to maintain the highest levels of quality of its products, commercial integrity in the relations with its customers and suppliers, in order to ensure the sustainability of its value chain.

Our Code of Ethics is the fundamental principal of INELCOM’s presence in the market. Any company that interfaces with INELCOM (client or supplier) is guaranteed honesty and integrity. Our promises will be fulfilled.

our principles:

All of us at INELCOM are responsible for complying with the Company's Code of Ethics, which means complying with and enforcing the principles that guide our presence in the Market.